Handheld Van Sale System

Handheld Van Sale System can be used by retail mobile sale systems to simplify and manage the entire process of billing, delivery, stock maintenance as others.

SaiBalaji Van Distribution sale machine is an ideal companion for your delivery sales agents for activities like Spot Billing, Payment Collection, Order Booking, Sales Returns and transferring information to your Back-end software application package without data entry are the basic operations that can be done smoothly and effectively using SaiBalaji Stockist Order Booking machine.

This billing machine allows you to create different Categories, units of measurements and can create the stock in which we have the fields like Item code, Com code, Comm. name, Unit, Purchase rate, four slabs of rates, opening stock, Vat tax, Minimum stock quantity, Cash discount, Trade discount, Category and option to enable the Rate edit.

The other major aspects of the application are the reports. The reporting is beneficial in making a perfect track of the whole business; some of them are consolidated report, Sales report, view complete report, duplicate report and operator daily sales report.

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